Alternative Mediation & Dispute Resolution Agency

Alternative Mediation &
Dispute Resolution Agency

Doing business in Indonesia can be quite challenging. Having to deal with a lawsuit can prove an extremely difficult ordeal. Indonesia is a high context culture and as such it favors interpersonal relationships and close-knit communities over impersonal, explicit, straight-forward and sometimes conflictual (legal) relationships. Understanding and navigating the cultural context of Indonesian communication and behavioral specificities with local families, banjars, regional and central administrations is therefore almost impossible for foreigners.

Consequently most Westerners when having to deal with a dispute find it difficult to grasp cultural and communication differences and generally embark in ligations which in turn add another layer of difficulties as it adds another layer of interpersonal relationships with actors of the justice administrations.

It is always advisable to reach a compromise through negotiation and mediation but finding and trusting a person or a professional to do so can prove difficult.

A successful candidate should not only understand perfectly the Indonesian context but also have cultivated privileged networking relationships with the different actors that can influence, guide or solve disputes at the local, regional and central levels.

AMDRA has developed and mastered these very aspects and can assist its clients solve most disputes before taking expensive and uncertain legal actions.

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